Odoo Product QR Code Generator

Odoo Product Qr Code Generator

Odoo Product QR Code Generator

Odoo Product QR Code Generator is generating product QR Code automatically (on product creation) or manually. You can create qrcode in bulk for already created products, you have the option to select multiple products and create qrcode or select multiple product categories and create the qrcode for all products of the selected product category.

The product’s QR Code is automatically generated by this module. It enables the creation of QR Codes for currently available goods. When creating a new product, create a QR code. This module facilitates the creation of a distinctive QR Code for goods. This module offers the ability to create a QR code for an existing product.

  • When the QRCode is manually changed in the products, a QR image is generated.
  • Create a separate QR Code for each item.
  • Make a QR Code for the current product.
  • Create a QR Code for Multiple Products.
  • Install and use it without requiring any more configuration.
  • It lessens the labor of humans. and preserves your valuable time.

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