Odoo Report Studio

Odoo Report Studio

Odoo Report Studio

How to edit PDF Reports in odoo

Odoo Report Designer | Odoo PDF Report Editor | odoo PDF report customizer

Odoo Report Designer is a feature within the Odoo business management software that allows users to customize and create reports. It uses a drag-and-drop interface, making it accessible to users without needing programming knowledge.

Here’s a breakdown of Odoo Report Studio’s capabilities:

Editing Existing Reports: You can modify the layout and content of existing reports, such as invoices and quotations. This lets you tailor them to your specific needs.

Creating New Reports: Studio allows you to build entirely new reports from scratch. You can pull data from various Odoo modules and format it according to your preferences.

Customizing Report Design: With Studio, you can control the visual aspects of reports. This includes things like font size, layout, and adding logos or headers.

Overall, Odoo Report Studio empowers business users to generate reports that best suit their needs without relying on developers.

Odoo Report Studio Features

  • Design awesome Reports
  • Customize existing reports
  • Create new Report
  • Developer Friendly
  • Code-Less

Odoo Report Designer is the exact tool to Design, Edit, Add Image, Add Table, Add Text, Address Block etc. in ODOO PDF Reports which costs 150 € .

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